Under construction

You are in the ‘under construction‘ version of Naked Neurons,  a psychology blog suit for professional and nonprofessional readers alike.

In this space, we will be talking about various topics, all related to the human mind and behaviour. And I hear you saying:  ‘What is the difference with any other psychology blog that we can find on the web?’ Here are the basics:

I want this blog to be the fill in the gap that everyone has about psychology. One of my concerns is that the society is too disconnected from mental health, something that does not happen with general medicine. As this usually leads us to misunderstanding and fear, I think that knowing more is always better!

I would like to answer any questions that you have about not only psychology in a theoretical, abstract way; but about more mundane topics as well. This gives us a wide range of questions that would go from “what is OCD?” to”why do I always feel sick when I have an exam?” to “how much can therapy cost?” to “are psychologist actually magicians?”.  This way, we will get to talk about things that we all wanted to know, but no one was answering. The answer to the last question is “no”, by the way.

It won’t be complicated. Everyone should understand what we are talking about. However, there will be some technical vocabulary.


My idea is that everyone can have access to knowing more about psychology, along with the potential of using it for him or her own benefit. But I also have a more ambitious goal and this is that I want to end with mental illness stigma.


Welcome and let’s get those brains naked


6 thoughts on “Under construction

    • Hi AntoniaSt. Soon I’m planning on adding a box for everyone who wants to know more about me. Before that happens, you could contact me and I will email you. Please tell me what is your interest coming from and everything you want. Thank you very much for visiting.


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